Vision in White Game Vision in White Game Now Available

Now Available
If you’ve enjoyed reading Nora Roberts’ Bride Quartet series, you’ll LOVE bringing each story to life in the NEW, interactive games from I-play!
You could win a trip to Inn Boonsboro plus a chance to meet Nora Roberts!!!

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In the first game, take on the role of photographer Mackensie Elliot in Nora Roberts’ Vision in White:
Find hidden objects, help the ladies prepare for each client’s wedding and immerse yourself in the romantic story as it’s revealed through voiceovers from Mackensie, Emma, Laurel, and Parker.  Will Mac capture the romance and find true love, or will the reality of her past become a snapshot of her future?

It’s up to you…Be the first to PLAY Vision in White!

Check out the IPLAY website for more details and to try or purchase the game. 



Vision in White


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