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Within the walls of a tasteful, perfectly kept house in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, young Zane Bigelow feels like a prisoner of war. Strangers—and even Zane’s own aunt across the lake—see his parents as a successful surgeon and his stylish wife…

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes Shelter in Place—a powerful tale of heart, heroism and propulsive suspense.

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the epic Year One returns with a new tale of terror and magick in a brand new world.

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Year One and Of Blood and Bone concludes her stunning trilogy that the New York Times Book Review praised as “A match for end-of-the-world classics like Stephen King’s The Stand.”



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17 hours ago

Nora Roberts

Another Friday answer on the Nora Roberts and J. D. Robb page. Enjoy! ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

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My oldest LOVES the "In Death" series. I don't read these. My daughter reads everyone she can get her hands on. It is as different as night is to day from your regular books.

I'd like to see the stay at home parent get paid as in your death series. They are undervalued, our children deserve stability.

It amaze me how most of what you wrote in the nineties is here now, makes me wonder if they stole your ideas🤔😂. I absolutely adore your mind!

Love all your books .

No author can beat the "In Death series" in my opinion, It has everything!! So so Well Done Nora xx

Love all your books

Such a great question and answer.

It’s nice to know she has the same wish for science’s priorities Auto chef and sculpting tubes please!!

I would love to se the professional mother come to be in the US.

I started with Naked in Death before we knew her as JD...loved that book and that world... but wouldn’t have stuck to it without the genuine character development, the intro of new characters and the development and evolution of the friendships and relationships over the (cannot believe it) 49 books....


LOVE your "In Death" series, I've read every one, in order! I also LOVE all your Nora Roberts Novels! You are my FAVORITE author!!!!!

Human Rights advocate in a novelist body. Love you, Nora Roberts!! PS your In Death series got me hooked on Nora Roberts as well. You are the best!!

my favorite books!

Really love the Death Series!

We stayed in the Eve and Roarke room at Nora Roberts Inn at Boonseboro. Funny since I hit both J. D. Robb’s books and a Nora Roberts trilogy. Beautiful Inn!

Licensed companions🎉🎉 that’d be amazing

She is just amazing to listen to. 🙂

Love your Death series!

J’ai tout les In Death et j’ai hâte au prochain 😊 entre temps je relis mes in death 💐 beaucoup de fleurs pour vous you worth it 💐.

I so hope the Auto Chef becomes a reality!

Autochef sounds great to me.

Luv all

I'm too am waiting for an autochef in my home and in my car.

Nora answered my question, ekk

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2 days ago

Nora Roberts

Deputy Barney is a delight. And he begs the question: which is your favorite dog as written by Nora? ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Deputy Barney is a delight.  And he begs the question: which is your favorite dog as written by Nora? ~Laura

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Galahad from the Death series. ~. I know, Galahad is not a dog but he is the best of the best four legged family members in any series... I wait for his appearance in every tale‼️💖💖....

Too hard to pick! Love them all, but then I often read her books with my dogs snuggled next to me. Some of my favorites are DA, Tag, Finn, Lucy, and the Chesapeake Bay dogs.

Love them all, but think the boys from Search, especially the pup, Jaws. He reminds me of our pup who is chewing fiend..

My very favorite dogs are written by Dean Koontz. But love Deputy Barney too. Also, love the one JAK writes about that carries his dish with him. All are sweet characters.

Love all the dogs- Jaws, Bogart, Newman, Peck, Lump, Barbie, Bert. Each is a great character. My absolute favorites though are Tag and Spock.

Well, Let's see if I can name all my favorites. Bert from The Witness, Tag from the Obsession, DA and company from Inn Boonsboro, Lump from Blood Brothers, the dogs from The Search, Barney of course ( I had a beagle named Barney).

Jaws from The Search... I laughted so hard at his puppy antics... reminded me so much of my dogs as puppies...

My all time favourite is Lump. Sad example of a dog at the beginning but oh, how he rose to defend his loved ones. Earned luxury treats forever!

Love Deputy Barney but I think my favorites would have to be all 4 dogs from The Search. So well trained!!

I love Deputy Barney. I love all of the dogs written by Nora! They all have their own unique personalities.

That's hard very hard question. Love all the dogs. Each has a different character. I'm going to pick Zack's Lucy. (From the Three Sister Island Trilogy). She's such a comic and lovable addition to their family.

Bert in The Witness, Eddies dog Joe in The Chronicles of The One, and I also liked Deputy Barney.

Spock, paws down. His little paw out for a handshake upon first meeting makes me smile whenever I read it, lol. And him giving his toy for comfort? Oh my heart!

I love all the dogs you have written in your books over the years, especially in The Search,i loved Lump, he was so courageous along with the women, forming a chain to rescue him.

Damn, now I have got to re-listen to every one of Nora's books so that i can pay closer attention to the dogs. They are all done well and enhance already good stories sometimes more than others.

Jaws and Foolish have been my favorites. There's something about a puppy's love and mischievousness.

I love them all. She gives them such real personalities. But I think my favorite might be the loyal and brave Kathel from the Dark Witch series.

Nora must have dogs in her real life because she portrays them so well. Deputy Barney was a good comic relief in this book. But she always shows the true heart of the animals in her books. The Boonsboro trio and those animals as well as the guard dog in The Witness and of course Galahad in JD Robbs series is priceless.

I love all the dogs from The Search! I laugh til I cry when Fiona has to take them to the vet to get their shots.

Hmmm that is tough. Tag is always a favorite. Also Jaws and Fiona’s Hollywood named pups. Burt was so well trained and the only multi lingual dog. Really all of her dogs are fabulous.

I love them all but I think my favorites are Peck, Newman, Bogart and Jaws!

I have to go with Newman, Bogart, Peck, and Jaws. I just love how those dogs are written in the book!

Deputy barney is awesome,lump from sign of seven and all the dog's from the search but all the dogs are pretty awesome in their own way.

Never really thought about it until this question, but Nora includes dogs a lot, and they are all such fun dogs! A favorite is hard. I love Foolish, Jaws, Lump....

The dogs from The Search, and Spock.

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4 days ago

Nora Roberts

I love the little forays we take from the main story. Reed posing naked with a sword -- or rather, the getting to that point -- was particularly fun. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

I love the little forays we take from the main story.  Reed posing naked with a sword -- or rather, the getting to that point -- was particularly fun.  ~Laura

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I loved that scene! I love how Reed could be speechless when it came to stuff like this. haha!

Loved this whole chapter...Reed. And how Simone gets his attention and somewhat willingness to pose. And Cici and sword left open whole area of imagination...

Of course CiCi has a sword. She is completely amazing.

I smiled and laughed while reading this part. The pictures that kept coming into my mind. I just loved it.

His women, Simone and Cici, never cease to amaze, baffle and delight him.

I love he was so confused and then got really into it!

Listened to this particular interaction on my commute this morning. Made me smile!

I laughed out loud at Reed’s response to the sword.


That was a great time in the story!

I laughed, I cried, I smiled, I pondered.

Great moment! I can see this hunk in my mind. Can't you?

There were so many cute and funny times during this book. It kept me laughing. I thoroughly enjoyed these characters.

fantastic book, loved it

Of course CiCi has a sword!

This was such a cute of my favorites.

I think the sword sealed the deal . Reluctance went right out the window with CiCi's sword.

Great moment. Cici never stops dumbfounding Reed.

Classic scene in the book. Simone and cici constantly amaze him. X

He was so cute,like a kid with a new toy. He was better able to pose nude if he could play and pretend. I have such a vision of him in my head. I wonder who should/could play him in the movie version. 😉

I loved this part.

Just finished listening to Sundown (loved it but ending spooked me a little) and just started re-listening to Shelter In Place which I also loved.

I bet that would of been one hot photo once finished. 😂 I loved Reed’s playfulness.

I enjoyed that myself. Reminds me of my modeling days in art school 🤫😬 “you want me to hold that !” 😮😂 it was fun.

Love CiCi!! Such s great character ❤️

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5 days ago

Nora Roberts

For me, this is the heart of Shelter in Place. What do you think? ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

For me, this is the heart of Shelter in Place.  What do you think? ~Laura

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Loved Shelter in Place!

I’m an reading Shelter in Place right now. I cannot put it down. Such a great book. I love Nora Roberts.

Read Shelter in Place a few months ago and loved it. However, I just finished The Witness and it's my new favourite of Nora's. Read it in 2 days it was that good!!

I just reread this when you started talking about it. I still got the same feelings again. I LOVE THIS BOOK!!! The ending when Angie’s mom told Simone thank you for making and putting up the memorial because it proves Angie was there and real, hit me hard this time because I lost my youngest son in a motorcycle accident (not his fault) 3 years ago and I struggle with wanting him to be remembered. It was so powerful!! All the range of emotions in this book! I recommend it to everyone!

Thank you for being such an awesome author. Happy Thanksgiving 🦃🍁 from Alberta Canada 🇨🇦

I completely agree. It's a great story!

I agree completely with this. No matter what people go through you can’t let one single incident effect and dictate your whole life. You have to heal, learn from it, accept it happened and move on. This book was so emotional to read. I cried and laughed through it. It was a emotional rollercoaster.

I agree Laura. The defining moment that perspective gives.

Loved this book!

love her works. People remembering those who have passed on is the greatest gift you can can give to those who are still here. Especially those who have lost a child.

i just recently finished this book and its definitly the heart of it, this book touched me from first to last letter. The way its written it touches you deeply.

I agree. I think figuring out that the killings had been ongoing was a new level of trauma that demanded its own mental work. Both physically and mentally, closure and justice were necessary.

Loved that book!

Just reading vendetta in death i adore dallas and rourke

Such an excellent book.

I just finished reading this book yesterday and loved it ❤

What a remarkable book.!!..Love it .

I agree and it was wonderful the way she wrote the story and how the story went and how the characters handled each thing thank you for posting take care

So agree. One of Nora’s best novels and has bumped up to my favorite. Love CICi,Simone and Reed.

This is probably my favorite Nora book. I reread most of my favorites and I’m getting ready to read this one again!

For all trauma victims, especially children!

Loved the book!

This book stayed true to the story all the way though the book! No one going though something like that shooting will every forget, but they can find closure and hope for justice.

I’m listening to this now. About the 5th time. Each time I discover more.

Loved that book too !!

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