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Within the walls of a tasteful, perfectly kept house in North Carolina’s Blue Ridge Mountains, young Zane Bigelow feels like a prisoner of war. Strangers—and even Zane’s own aunt across the lake—see his parents as a successful surgeon and his stylish wife…

From #1 New York Times bestselling author Nora Roberts comes Shelter in Place—a powerful tale of heart, heroism and propulsive suspense.

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of the epic Year One returns with a new tale of terror and magick in a brand new world.

The #1 New York Times bestselling author of Year One and Of Blood and Bone concludes her stunning trilogy that the New York Times Book Review praised as “A match for end-of-the-world classics like Stephen King’s The Stand.”



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11 hours ago

Nora Roberts

The final quote from The Last Boyfriend, in which Avery throws up one last hurdle and Owen clears it with ease. We start The Perfect Hope tomorrow! ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

The final quote from The Last Boyfriend, in which Avery throws up one last hurdle and Owen clears it with ease.  We start The Perfect Hope tomorrow!  ~Laura

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They've been perfect for each other for years, just took some maturity and a push from Lizzy.

I love that Owen just won't give up on Avery, even when she tries to give up on herself!!

I loved how Owen had an answer for that. 😍 If only all men IRL are like him or Beckett or Ryder.

I have to admit... though I adore Claire and Becket, and I think Avery and Owen were very likely made for each other, I think Hope and Ryder are my favourite Boonsboro couple. To me they're that couple who don't really seem to have much in common and yet are perfect for one another. I'm looking forward to starting Perfect Hope again!

These two totally deserve each other ❤

Owen is so sweet. Its adorable when he goes off the deep end of crazy, but he's so steady otherwise 🥰

Owen is the perfect boyfriend. Love him 💗

You know these two are made for each other! They balance each other and do it with laughter and loyalty!! I love all 3 couples equally in this trilogy!

Loved this series. Finished rereading in October. .

Avery and Owen are my favorite NR couple, and that's saying a lot as I have read all of her romance novels.

I just finished rereading the trilogy for maybe the 8th time. Such a delight! Thank you, Nora!!! Starting Rise of Magicks next. Woo hoo!

Owen is awesomely the awesomeness!

I'll have to show this to my hubby, because I told him the same thing 22 years ago! LOL

She will mostly be the best at marriage

Fell in love with each brother as I read the books!

Love their love!! 💖💖💖

One of my favorite books/series.

Best of the three, but enjoyed them all, thanks Nora x

Loved them. They were so cute together.

..reading again, just at the New Year party!

This has been so fun!

I just reread these this summer (for my trip to BoonsBoro!) but now I'm wanting to read them again.

Rereading this now!

Love their relationship ❤️❤️❤️

This series is 1 of my favorite go to rereads

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1 day ago

Nora Roberts

I completely understand Avery's feelings about her mother's return, but was glad Willy B and Owen (plus her own temper) helped her through those emotions. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

I completely understand Averys feelings about her mothers return, but was glad Willy B and Owen (plus her own temper) helped her through those emotions. ~Laura

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Poor Avery. Thank God for Willy B! What a wonderful dad:)

That was such a heartbreaking scene...and I completely understand her not wanting to see or hear from her mother again.

I think that Avery is hurt because even in her mothers woe's, she has nothing for Avery. Terrible that a mother thinks of herself first, last and always!

Willie B did such a good job with Avery.

I felt so sad for Avery when this happened to her. But she has such a grwat relationship with her dad.

Regretfully that was a very hard realization for Avery to understand and admit.

Just finished the series, again. Love all the Montgomerys. Was thinking how great it would be to have a peak at a short story " 10 years later " and see the family dynamics. Teenagers, twins, Ryder being a dad. Ah well you never know!

Willie B. is a good man and a great father, when you add the support of the Montgomery family and the love and understanding of Owen, Avery was blessed. Her mother is the loser in every way possible.

Once again , Willie B comes through, this time in a very big way for Avery! Just as he has her whole life! What a Dad! And her real family , the Montgomery

It's always hurtful to find out you weren't loved - or even, maybe, wanted at all. Amazingly, Avery is a strong, courageous woman, and who knows how much of that is due to NOT having her mother's love?

This was hard to read, upset for Avery but understanding Owen's confusion. Glad she worked through her emotions, was able to go to her Dad and then talk to Owen.

Willy B is the best dad. I love how helped Avery get over what her mother did to her.

I felt this scene. It touched me how Owen reacted and how she responded! True love always shines through!

I can’t imagine being in that situation; so glad she had a good support system....

It was so sad when Avery's mom came back, but she had the best to get her through it.

She may have felt less from her mom; but gosh Willy B and her relationship!! Love that father daughter relationship 😀

Loved this book and series! ❤️

Poor Avery...but thanks for Willy B.

I had a similar experience as Avery with my own Mother...

Avery shouldn't feel less than anything she is doing awesome. Her mother is the one who is less

I didn't feel that Avery was less. I felt her mother was less, and made herself even more less taking Money from Willy B. I know it is only fiction but that was terrible for Avery. But she bounced back and never lost a stride.

I just fealt so sorry for her the way her mother came back made me what to gave her a hug

Loved that series! 📚♥️

Complicated mother relationships are common but are never easy to write well (or read)

Can’t wait until we begin The Perfect Hope

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1 day ago

Nora Roberts

Have you read The Rise of Magicks yet? You can order your copy here: ~Team Nora ... See MoreSee Less

Have you read The Rise of Magicks yet? You can order your copy here: ~Team Nora

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Am waiting for the holidays...with bated breath. Can't wait to read it!

Waited until I received the third book to start reading. Almost finished with the first one. Love it!

Reading The Rise of the Magicks now! Wish current society had as much compassion as the “magicals”. Another winner for Nora!!

I loved it and now I am waiting for the audio book so I can listen to all 3 books!!!

I have not read book two! I read book one and then waiting a year and a half for the paperback version of book two. Waiting for book three in paperback too. I may have to reread book one first. 🙂

I am listening to it for the second time, I keep picking up on things I didnt get the first time....its so awesome....thanks!

I’ve read the first two. Loved them. Have to wait some 6 months to borrow the one copy my library has.........😏😞

I hated finishing the last chapter. It's like leaving old and cherished friends. I slowed myself down as much as I could. Now I'll go back and read all three in a row, in the near future.

Just started it and it's soooo hard to put down! Amazingly awesome good book!!

Funnily enough I hated Year One when I first read it, but reread it before Of Blood & Bone came out, found myself liking it the second time, so bought the second in the trilogy & loved it. I have just finished this book, omg what an amazing book, I feel this is the best trilogy Nora has written, I found myself wanting more, I loved it so much.

I finished it last night, hated it to end. Wish you could write another one to see what happens in the future. It was FANTASTIC 👏

Finished it last night!!! Last week I had to read the 2nd one over again to refresh memory on all!!

Such a good ending to an amazing story!!

I haven’t yet - I’m waiting until we go on holiday to restart the series from book 1. I expect by the end of day 2 I will have read all three. Lol

Just finished. Always love the books. But still getting feeling of sadness that I have to leave the world and family!

Fantastic Trilogy, I hope someday to see every book in a movie as The Chronicles of Narnia or Harry Potter, because Chronicles of the One is the best.

Just finished it. Thank you Nora for taking me out of myself x

I love Nora Roberts but unaware of this trilogy. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Saving it for New Year’s Day, to read with champagne and cheese. It’s tradition now! Have just re read the first two, in anticipation. Can’t wait!

I'm getting it for Christmas. So for now I am rereading the first two!

I can’t read it because the publisher has decided that libraries are limited to one e-book per library until 60 days after publication. Our lack of storage limits the amount of things that can come in to the house, so it is e-books here. We’ll have to wait 61 days after publication to even be put on the waiting list.

I love it! Reading section 4 out of the 5! Don't want it to end! Nora is SUCH a prolific writer, from romance, to suspense to the future & magikal stuff!

In the queue with my Library. Can't wait!!

I just finished is a very powerful series! I couldn't put it down so I lost a few hours sleep, but it was worth it

Anxiously awaiting it to show up under my Christmas tree!!

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5 days ago

Nora Roberts

Loved that Willie B managed to turn the tables on Owen after confessing he'd spend the night with Justine. ~Laura ... See MoreSee Less

Loved that Willie B managed to turn the tables on Owen after confessing hed spend the night with Justine.  ~Laura

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So great how he turned the tables on Owen, such a funny scene when Owen found out about Willie and his Mum x

Loved Willie B....especially with the pug!

Just rereading this trilogy right now cause it's so happy <3

Such a nice twist to the story. With Willy B. and mom. 🥰 Owen and Avery are a awesome couple.

Love Avery and Willie B together! Such a loving father/daughter relationship. One of my favorite moments in the story is their Christmas morning traditions.

💚 Willie B... and loved each son's reaction to the news of Justine and Willie B.

You gotta laugh at Owen's reaction to his Mum and Willie B. Really loved this Trilogy very much. Only re-read it about 4 times so far

Loved this when Willy B spoke to Owen about his girl. It was sweet and just awesome

Willie B is just the best character!! I absolutely adore him!! He’s such a snuggle bear!!

Willy B! Absolutely loved the way Nora portrayed the reaction of the boys when they come to know about him and their mother. Hilarious!

Willie B. Is one of these sweet, completely lovable characters that I love in Nora's books. Love that he is protective of his girl.

Love Willie B! I had few male family member who warned boys about hurting my sister and I, but they didn't really need to because my mom was great at scaring all the boys with just a look. Lol!😂

Willie B is so sweet and gentle but when it comes to Avery - watch out!!! His and the Montgomery Boys ‘s handling of any romantic issues is so cute! Love them all!

Girl, I'm listening to The Perfect Hope again! One of my all time favorite Audible trilogies.

I loved the scene when he walked in on them. Too funny

Owen's reaction to seeing them was hysterically funny. Willie B. and the pug was heart warming.

Willie B...what a great man.

I love Willie B!

I just got past this part tonight. I'm rereading this trilogy and loving every minute.

I love Willie B. Such a lovable big teddy bear, but don’t hurt his little girl or the grizzly will come out.

Best book of the Trilogy in my opinion, but loved em all x

Ahh Willie B.... absolutely love him. Such a gentle giant

Willie B is awesome and Owens reaction to him being with Justine is perfect.

Love that “sweet going on”. Special book.

That was the best ackward conversation.

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